Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Day 2 Of AAC Comic Exploding Fest The Warriors Line.

The Upcoming Titles for The Warriors line are 

F.U.M.E.: Mutate Wars #1
Fight To The Death”

The Magician Flies #1
The Magical Warrior of New Orleans”

P/J/J/K: Guardians of The Jewel of Rome #1
Founding Power”

Element Force: Heroes of Sonitron #1
The New Heroes”

Visitors of The Future #1
Going for The Past”

Athena and the Heroic Gods #1

The Godress of Wisedom”

Stay Tune for The Final Day with The Legendarily Line. 

Monday, September 23, 2013

Day 1 of AAC's Comic Exploding Fest: The Heroes Line

Blue Phantom #1
Rise of The 6th Phantom Part 1”
From A Ancient Powers for her Ancestors, Molly Cyrus will become a hero from a evil Man with drained everyone “Lifeforces” In the Very First Issue of Action Avenger Comics in with Upcoming in The Heroes Line also with The Legendary and Warriors Lines. Blue Phantom is coming Out in Print of Summer 2014 also will be a Dignity Version in May of 2014.

Cat Guy #1
The Man Along Cats”

Aloha #1
The Heroin of Hawaii”

Mutant Girl #1

Armor X #1
The Day that Change Julie Harris' Life Forever”

Red Neon #1
Red Mississippi Delta”

Rock God #1
For Country Star to Tennessee Hero”

The Legion of American Heroes #1
The State Heroes Untied!”

Gator Man: The Hero of Florida #1

He Lives in these Swamps”

There will be more info of The Other Comics for the time being so tune in for tomorrow of Day 2 we've are looking at The Warriors Line.