Saturday, April 27, 2013

AAC Update-April 27

I got some news about Blue Phantom #1 is still in the raft sage when it will be done,and there are going to be after #2 and #3 will be released there are a brief break for Blue Phantom. I will be working on Second Character Comic of AAC. Who is not a Batman (DC) Wannabee. He is for The State of Texas with 6 difference Big Cats on he's arms and he is a better marksman too. Also I will be working 2 New Superheroins that one is form Colorado and the other is form Hawaii . I also doing other non-Heroes work too those are under Warriors (Heroes who had some sci-fi magics in them) and Legends (Stories for other reigns that had worlds,castles,monsters,dragons,& other fantasy takes) I will doing bios on each character for every story. So looking for to other news,and announces on May 8.           

Monday, April 1, 2013

Hello and Welcome to Action Adventure Comics!

Hi. Welcome to AAC's blog this will be The home for upcoming Comics,Bios of The Characters, & So much more.

Blue Phantom # 1 (Rough Daft Sage;The Start of the Comics.)