Saturday, April 27, 2013

AAC Update-April 27

I got some news about Blue Phantom #1 is still in the raft sage when it will be done,and there are going to be after #2 and #3 will be released there are a brief break for Blue Phantom. I will be working on Second Character Comic of AAC. Who is not a Batman (DC) Wannabee. He is for The State of Texas with 6 difference Big Cats on he's arms and he is a better marksman too. Also I will be working 2 New Superheroins that one is form Colorado and the other is form Hawaii . I also doing other non-Heroes work too those are under Warriors (Heroes who had some sci-fi magics in them) and Legends (Stories for other reigns that had worlds,castles,monsters,dragons,& other fantasy takes) I will doing bios on each character for every story. So looking for to other news,and announces on May 8.           

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